Sunday, January 22, 2012

Schoolism chronicles

So some of you are following me here on my Schoolism projects! I decided to sign up for the guided courses there after a rough year of arting. I am an ok artist, but this last year my weaknesses really hurt me professionally. I had the fortune to work with an amazing concept artist from a big studio in CA who took some of the classes at Schoolism. Hearing about her experience there made me take the plunge.

I'm currently taking the Character Design course with Stephen Silver, and tomorrow begins Intro to Digital Painting with Andrew Hou. Then, in July, the big tamale, Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu! (insert art swoon here)

So far it's been incredible, Im so thrilled with these courses. The only downside is the timing. Im in the middle of a move, and going through some rather nasty bodily problems. :{ Chronic pain is making every thing 100% harder, but I'll power through.

Please join me in my adventure as I try to re-learn the rules of art! Thanks and happy drawling!

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