Sunday, January 22, 2012

Schoolism: Character Design lesson 2

Here is my work for lesson 2 of Character Design with Stephen Silver. For this assignment, we worked with silhouettes. The point of this was to make our character outlines are readable as possible.

Unfortunately, I did pretty badly on this exercise. ^^; I was a bit confused by what exactly we were supposed to submit. That and I got the due date off, so I was a day late in submitting. Bummer, but Mr. Silver still provided great input. Here is the first round I tried. The exercise was to create character outlines based on the classic, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

I tried the first round with marker to see how it felt. I made a few good ones, but overall I hated the lack of control. I've definitely lost some of my hand skills. The next batch, for the Hyde character, I went to trusty old Photoshop.

I was overall pretty unhappy with my first trial of these guys, so I also did a second set. I sent them to Mr. Silver, but not for a critique, just for grins. I came up with some nice ones here for the Jekyl character, who I've named "Franklin Freckyl".

I got a 3 out of 5 star on this assignment, and it was very eye opening. Clarity. Must have it!


  1. Really nice silhouettes. I love the bottom Mr. Hyde. He's great!

  2. Nice silhouettes on your 2nd pass. It's always fun to see the progress you made just by doing 2nd passes on something. :)